Hexham Wind Farm – Community

Sharing the benefits

Wind Prospect is committed to ensuring that those living closest to the proposed wind farm share the financial benefits.  Information shared by residents and stakeholders, either directly or via the Community Engagement Committee, has helped Wind Prospect to develop a series of proposed programs that share the financial benefits fairly and appropriately. These programs include a:

  • Neighbour Benefit Sharing Program
  • Energy Cost Offset Plan
  • Community Co-investment Program
  • Community Benefit Fund

Neighbour Benefit Program proposal

Wind Prospect is very pleased to share the proposed Neighbour Benefit Program for the Hexham Wind Farm. The program reflects the feedback obtained since taking the concept to the project community in 2019.

Please download the proposed program flyer and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you would like to discuss the program further.

Sponsorship fund – supporting the local community

A sponsorship fund of $20,000 per year has been established for the duration of the project development process to assist local community groups and organisations around the proposed wind farm. The fund is active now and is designed to support community groups to add or improve community services, programs, initiatives, or facilities. The 2024 sponsorship fund is now open and taking applications.

The fund is administered by Wind Prospect and the sponsorship application forms and terms and conditions are available here. Once the wind farm is commissioned the sponsorship fund will be replaced by the Hexham Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund, which will continue annually for as long as the wind farm is operational. Guidance and feedback are sought from the Moyne Shire Council and the local community to shape the design and eligibility criteria of this fund.

We are pleased to have made several allocations under this fund, including:

St Colman's Primary School


The Hexham Wind Farm is pleased to support St Colman’s Primary School Mortlake through the creation of ‘Little Colman’s Playtime’. 

Little Colman’s Playtime will provide young children and families a space to come together to learn and develop through informal play activities and social interaction.  St Colman’s hopes that this area will create a space for parents and caregivers to build social networks with others in the community.

Caramut FNC Community First Aid


The Hexham Wind Farm is proud to once again support the Caramut FNC.  

With the nearest hospital 35 minutes away, the Caramut FNC was keen to offer community members the opportunity to be trained in First Aid and CPR. With the support of the Hexham Wind Farm, 15 local members were able to complete the training.

Mortlake Gift


The Hexham Wind Farm is proud to support the inaugural Mortlake Gift, held on Friday 15 October 2023 at Wilsons DC Farran Oval, Mortlake.  Hosted by the Mortlake Recreation Reserve, funds raised will help with the reserve upkeep and also contribute to new female change rooms/amenities which will benefit participants and spectators alike.


 Koroit and District Basketball Association

Mortlake Kindergarten


Mortlake Kindergarten was awarded sponsorship funds to upgrade the kindergarten sandpit, veggie patch and pebbled play area. This sponsorship contribution has helped the kindergarten team to freshen up the outside area for the children to enjoy. 

Orford Table Tennis Association

Anglicare Victoria Southwest


Anglicare Victoria Southwest – Mortlake has operated the Emergency Relief Centre in Mortlake since 2018.

They were recently provided with an office space from where they deliver a range of support services and items to the community including food, blankets and vouchers. The Hexham Wind Farm has contributed funds to Anglicare to purchase a new panel heater, shelving units and office chairs.

Koroit Cricket Coub

Hexham Recreation Reserve


The Hexham Recreation Reserve is the recipient of sponsorship funds for the purchase and installation of a new 22,500 litre tank and sand (for the base). This new tank has improved access to water for all facility users, including the equestrian clubs for showering horses. It also ensures water availability for the toilet facilities.  

 Koroit and District Basketball Association

Hexham Community Association


The Hexham Community Association was a beneficiary of the sponsorship fund to install an all-abilities / portable wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the old school building. With the building dating to the 1800s, the installation of an all-abilities ramp provides improved access for all community members. The members are delighted that their building is accessible to all.   

Koroit Cricket Coub

Ellerslie War Memorial Trust


The Ellerslie War Memorial is updating its pathways, improving the viewing area and creating more seating. The Hexham Wind Farm has contributed $3,500 to establish an eight-metre by eight-metre concrete pad, to allow a flat area for locals and visitors alike to stand during the annual Anzac Day ceremony.


Orford Table Tennis Association

Food & Fibre Great South Coast


The Great South Coast is Victoria’s largest food and fibre region, with the sector underpinning about 60 per cent of the region’s economy and providing more than one in five jobs.

Hexham Wind Farm has contributed $5,000 to the group’s campaign to attract young people to the variety of careers that exist in food and fibre.

Community engagement

The proposed Hexham Wind Farm is in the environment and planning approvals stage and Wind Prospect has commenced engagement with stakeholders and in particular those that live closest to the project.

​All households located within six kilometres of a proposed wind turbine location were door knocked during March 2020 and provided information about the project and feedback sought.  If residents were not home, a ‘sorry we missed you’ pack was left behind which included a newsletter and contact details.

Newsletters, Frequently Asked Questions and other communications have been issued to all land owners within 10 kilometres of the proposed wind turbine locations. Wind Prospect staff would be pleased to meet with local residents, community members and other stakeholders to discuss the project. Please contact us to arrange a meeting or to discuss the project.

More than 100 people attended community information sessions for the proposed Hexham Wind Farm at Caramut and Ellerslie in May 2019. Drop-in sessions were then held in the local community in late July 2020.

A Community Engagement Committee (CEC) has been established by the Moyne Shire to provide a forum for consultation and information sharing about the project between Wind Prospect and the local community. The CEC comprises two Moyne Shire Councillors, six community members and Wind Prospect. Meetings are held several times a year.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our community engagement to date. We welcome all feedback on the project and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

Wind Prospect Australia

Have your say

Your input, feedback, and views on the proposed Hexham Wind Farm are important. We genuinely want to hear what you have to say and your opinions can lead to improvements to the project design. If you are simply after more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch – that’s what we’re here for.

Wind Prospect has established the following lines of communication and encourage you to contact the Hexham Wind Farm team.


  • Toll free number: 1800 934 322
  • Emailinfo@hexhamwindfarm.com.au
  • Local community presence: We have a dedicated local Community Engagement Officer you can contact on 1800 934 322
  • Information sessions: Further project information sessions will be held as the project progresses. Details will be advertised prior to the event and posted on this website.
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