Project Outline

The proposed Hexham Wind Farm is located between Hexham, Caramut and Ellerslie in south-west Victoria. The area is predominantly cleared land used for cattle and sheep farming although some of the properties are also used for dairy farming and cropping.


The project would incorporate up to 125 wind turbines with a total height of up to 250 metres from ground to blade tip and would include other associated infrastructure such as access tracks (both new and upgrades to existing farm tracks where necessary), underground cabling, overhead power lines and other electrical infrastructure. It is expected that the wind farm would operate for at least 25 years.



Located alongside the existing 500 kV transmission line and proximate to the Mortlake Terminal Station, with an excellent wind resource and a relatively low population density, the proposed location is very well suited to a wind farm development.

A successful wind farm development also benefits from a supportive local community.  Wind Prospect hopes to achieve a social licence and strengthen community relationships during the development of the project.

Economic Benefits

Wind farm developments bring other economic benefits to a regional community. These include opportunities for local contractors and suppliers of goods and services and the opportunity for local employment during construction and operation.  Labour and services from the local or regional area are engaged where the necessary skills and services are available.


Environmental Benefits

Up to 125 Turbines

 Estimated 2,400 GWhr annual output

 Up to 550,000

Households supplied p.a. 

Up to 2.6 million tonnes p.a. of CO2


Wind farms provide a renewable clean source of electricity and are arguably the most cost-effective source of new energy generation currently available. 


Wind farms are well placed to make a strong contribution to reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.